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I wanted to do a short customer review for these leggings from Sock Dreams.

Firstly, I wanted to show a back shot and a front shot to show some of the design not seen on the website. As you can see here, the waistband goes pretty high up, past my belly button.

Mostly, I wanted to give some sizing help for people in the same situation as me. The site says that a small goes up to 5’4” and 120 lbs. Mediums start at that same range and go up to 5’8” and 145 lbs. I am somewhere between 5’4” and 5’5” and vary between 125-130 lbs. on average. I was worried about not fitting into the small, but also did not want the medium to be too baggy. I ultimately got the mediums.

In these pictures I am wearing thick tights under the leggings, and as you can see there is still some wrinkling from the extra room between my body and the leggings. The thighs/butt fit well, but the waist and ankles are slightly loose. Luckily, when tucked into the boots the leggings don’t seem unusually large, I’m guessing no one but myself even really takes notice of the extra room. Looking back now, I still don’t know if I would have gone with the smalls, because there is still the chance they might have been too tight. Maybe these will tighten up a bit after a few washes.

On a final “so-you-know” note, the inside of the leggings are white, which is a second reason I am wearing tights underneath. From what I could tell, you can’t see through the leggings on their own, but I’m overly nervous about stuff like that, so I layered for extra protection from anything embarrassing being seen.

Overall, I’m still very happy with the purchase and would recommend the leggings to anyone who has been eying them.

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